You are on the collaborative development site of Cyberdocs platform entirely composed of free software. This website intends to the evolution and enhancement of all the tools that form the platform: from the production line to the diffusion system and structured document indexation that is Cyberdocs.

The Cyberdocs platform enables to structure documents from word processing and publishing them on the Internet, using the XML standard, and the DTD TEI Lite. It is now mainly used as a new platform for processing and dissemination of thesis within the project Cyberthèses, a French-speaking archiving and distributing electronic thesis program, which today boasts many institutions and non French-speaking institution throughout the world.

But the features of the platform allow to disseminate materials of various kinds: books, articles, speeches and symposiums. Current developments are focused on the integration of new DTD and the possibility in the very short term to convert and to broadcast in XML, LaTeX documents.

The sources are available, with the help and support of the CRU (University Network Comity), at this address.

We point here the most important resources (links to do):


Lastest news 

13/02/2009 : Cyberdocs 2.2 is available !  

Cyberdocs 2.2 Release Notes:

  • ODT format support
  • New version of FOP to improve the quality of PDF files.
  • No limitation for image processing.
  • The X server is no longer necessary for the conversion.
  • Improving the management module (multilingual, LDAP authentication, metadata form, configuration, various bug fixes ...) 
  • Adding LXir support to convert LaTeX to TEI Lite (beta version at the moment).
  • Due to the poor integration of OpenOffice in Cyberdocs for processing .doc => .sxw (X server problem, instability...), OpenOffice is temporarily removed from the conversion module: using the ODF Toolkit is in reflection. For users of MS Word, simply save the file as ODT / SXW (with OpenOffice) before conversion.